When you’ve been scavenging meteorites together for a while, they say, you can read each other’s thoughts.

Losing our radar had made us blind and lame. Now, losing the radio circuits made us deaf and dumb. Searching for us would be like tracking down a single piece of dust in the Sahara.

Jack was confident. “Tania will find us. She’s a genius at tracing the omega stabiliser ionisation. I know you think it’s too risky. Lucky I turned it on anyway.”  “I know you did,” I choked. My voice was gone. He went pale.

But I turned it off again.

Going nowhere fast!

The 100 word challenge at Julia’s place. The prompt this week was: …but I turned it off…

Fess up, everyone: who else loved reading Asimov as a teenager?

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19 thoughts on “Stardust”

  1. Welcome to the silliness that is 100WCGU! I must be the only one in the world who has not read Asimov! I loved this though so I might go & get a copy of one of his!

    Thanks for your comments about the challenge. I will stress the need to use 100WCGU tag. The reason I put the instructions first is to help new visitors but they are sometimes at the end. Thanks for your support!

    1. Thanks. I recommend the short stories. The novels are more for scifi-hardened fans.

      Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant, it would be great if the contributors start with the story/poem etc. The “…challenge.. .this week’s prompt…” does pall just a little after the first 20 times, when you’re working through the list, and impatient for the story. And of course on the tag pages the story is a better teaser.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks. Glad you didn’t see it coming. I was afraid the story wouldn’t work if you already knew the prompt.

      I found myself worrying about them today myself. Crazy, huh? I may have to write a sequel…

  2. I love this, although I thought it was very sad. I have to confess, I haven’t ever read Asimov either… (ooops)
    Have a feeling it’s going to end ok, but be heart-stopping along the way.
    (I don’t read scary things out loud to my Bertie)

    1. Thanks. I personally associate this kind of moment of defeat with the scifi genre, it may be that I just read too many of those short stories…

      Do post some pics of your Bertie.

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