The Red Box

It had simply appeared one day. Not overnight. In the morning: nothing, and in the evening: there it was. Right on the village green.

Nobody spoke of it, it was too… well, you had to see it for yourself. Outsiders came to stare at it. Isn’t it marvelous? Can you believe it?

The locals shrugged these questions off. It was too unsettling. Once you started to think about it, you’d have to question everything you’d ever understood about the world. It was safer to ignore it. But if you did have to mention it, it was just…

…the red box.

Whatever will they come up with next?

The 100 word challenge at Julia’s place. The prompt was: …the red box…

And if anyone’s fingers are itching: there’s another flash challenge here. The prompt this week is: Unrequited love.

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25 thoughts on “The Red Box”

  1. Everybody seems to be coming up with quite creative uses of a red box. And I drew a complete bank 🙂 Nicely done!!

    1. Thanks. You draw a mean blank, though. When I draw a blank, there’s…a blank. (Apparently my drawings are quite accurate ;-).

    1. I think the “ignore the impossible” theme is quite a common one in fantasy / scifi. I am quite happy though at leaving no question answered…
      Thank-you for letting me know you like it.

    1. I take that as a great compliment, I love Douglas Adams. I was actually thinking more along the lines of Peter-Carey-plain-weird.

  2. I don’t trust the locals, I think there’s something more to that red box than meets the eye!

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