The Unexpected Joy of WordPress

I started a blog to try and sort some ideas out, and maybe draw some pictures.  I didn’t really think about reading blogs: I already have a feed reader. So the joy of reading tags came as a complete surprise. 

Scrolling through a world-wide selection of cartoons, drawings and photos has been a real eye-opener. I learnt about photo trends like light field photography (play with pics here) and HDR. Yes, I guess I have been living under a rock… A friend showed me a friend’s website:

Photo by J. Brillowski. Click for more at

Nor did I know about flash fiction: my first contact was Laura of 100000 words. Then I came across the challenges, and suddenly I’m writing again. Restriction does spur creativity. Try these:

Try it: you are an artist too! Wanna make a bet?

Bertie in his artistic vein.

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