The Peacock

What was the rabbit late for, wondered Alice,
I never did find out. I wonder why?
I’ll try to say this kindly, without malice,
But really, said the peacock, you should try

To pay some more attention as you travel
To what your senses, eyes, and ears, and nose
Try very hard to tell you through the dazzle
Of surfaces, on which way the wind blows.

The rabbit has a watch, and what’s unpleasant,
A watch he looks at fifty times a day.
It keeps the rabbit’s thoughts outside the present:
That makes him late for life in every way.

The 1oo-word challenge for grown-ups at Julia’s Place. This week’s prompt was my first line.

And for the undaunted: T. Mastgrave’s prompt this week is “Demons”.

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I like blue.

22 thoughts on “The Peacock”

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m not a big versifier, but I thought I’d risk the nonsense verse. I agree the prompt will be a bit difficult, though better than my original draft was ;-).

    1. Thanks. I started with a pelican, but couldn’t make it scan. And of course one can imagine a peacock being a bit haughty.

  1. Now this is so deep! It is a good warning to those of us clock watchers that life is passing without us taking part. Thank you so much for joining the 100WCGU & I’m looking forward to seeing how you translate someone else’s 10 words. More poetry maybe!

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