Lesson Plan

“Open your books at chapter five.”

A hand shot up. “My mum says we don’t believe in all those things.”

“I know, Bobby. If your mother has a problem she can come to me.”

He wished the fundamentalists would keep out of  the classroom. The amount of fighting over the science curriculum was unbelievable.  And as a natural history teacher he didn’t even get the worst of it. Poor Mrs. Withers, teaching alchemy…

If Bobby’s mother came what would he show her?

He sighed. It wouldn’t matter. The fundamentalists never bothered with evidence.

“Chapter five: Demons.”

His forked tail twitched.

T. Mastgrave’s story-challenge, the prompt was: Demons.

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9 thoughts on “Lesson Plan”

  1. a beautiful twist on a controversial topic. well done and more importantly,it made me (the reader) think. thank you for that.

  2. Hahahahaha! Verging on fundamentalism myself, honestly – this is hilarious! There are some solid scientific arguments that should give Darwinians pause. The problem is most fundamentalists have never heard of them in the first place. And it’s true that many fundamentalists act like they don’t believe in demons, while saying that they do. Good job!

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