Alice Returns (2)

On the far side of the looking glass, however, things did not seem to be quite the sameAlice could feel her nose twitching and her whiskers, too… Her what?! Alice looked down in alarm: not only did she have whiskers, but fur and …rabbit paws.

She glanced up at the looking glass, and saw herself on the other side. On this side she could see the reflection of the white rabbit, its eyes widened in fright. The weight of a large gold pocket watch dragged at her. She was late, she was late. She ran off in a panic.

I shall be late. I shall be late.
My prompt in this round of 100wcgu was from Mrs. Halford’s blog: Alice returns (1).

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I like blue.

16 thoughts on “Alice Returns (2)”

  1. What I really like about this is the interpretation of defeat in that little dog’s posture. 😦 Nice take on the prompt, though! I like the switch you’ve made between the two of them. It’s quite a new take!

    1. Thanks. Bertie’s more dismayed really. He doesn’t approve of watches really, unless of course, they say it’s dinner time.

    1. Thanks. In the world through the looking glass it’s not obvious how to make things “not quite the same” so the prompt was slightly challenging.

  2. Well what a turn around! I’d love to know the rest of this particular Alice story! Many thanks for joining in with this one!

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