Easter Emergency

I don’t like painting eggs, I want to go home,
Said the girl with the curls to the little blue gnome.
But I need these eggs painted, the gnome wept its plea.
If they’re not done tomorrow, I’ll never be free!

There are too many eggs, there’s no way we can paint
them all by tomorrow! The gnome fell in faint.
But the girl didn’t panic, she knew just what to do,
She called to her friend, with thing one and thing two.

With little cats A – Z and the voom
Hat-cat got those eggs painted, and lifted the gloom.

And in case you’re not sure just who sits on this mat:
It’s a dog with a blog, not the cat in the hat.

Once in the vein of nonsense verse, I couldn’t resist this Dr Seussish prompt in the current round of 100wcgu.

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I like blue.

4 thoughts on “Easter Emergency”

    1. Thanks. If you’ve not read The Cat in the Hat, it’s an absolute must. My personal favourite is the fish who has fallen into the teapot due one of the cats exploits:
      “Now look what you did!” Said the fish to the cat.
      “Now look at this house! Look at this! Look at that!
      You sank our toy ship, Sank it deep in the cake.
      You shook up our house And you bent our new rake.
      You SHOULD NOT be here when our mother is not.
      You get out of this house!” Said the fish in the pot.

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