The Scent of Success

A meeting with the client in 10 minutes. The prototypes were all in place, waiting. An empire style bottle in cream porcelain: Intimacy. Mmm. A yellow monstrosity with enormous writing on it: Honey. Whoever had passed that for the client to see? A clear glass bottle shaped like an apple with a picture of Eve on it: Desire. Not much better. A bottle with an octagonal base and a green and grey fern pattern: Secrets. Not bad.  A simple blue glass cylinder with a dandelion seed-head: Liberty.  She liked it.

Good name for a perfume. Marketable. Didn’t we all want it?

This week’s 100wcgu at Julia’s place: Liberty, Empire, Apple, Yellow, Enormous. I actually dreamt of this challenge. Unfortunately, in my dream the words were different, “emerald” being one.

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I like blue.

23 thoughts on “The Scent of Success”

  1. Really like this; clever use of the words in a way that the prompt words disappear naturally. Liberty would work well as a perfume name too! My ideas so far have been disastrous! Maybe later…

  2. I love that musing, reflective tone. and yes, I’d like to check out the scents as well…something about the names with the bottles that intrigues! nicely done~!

  3. This never even occurred to me. What makes this so readable is that all the words from the prompt disappear into the piece so effortlessly you’ld never know which ones they were. Nothing seems contrived and I enjoyed it. It takes a woman’s touch to think of perfume 😉

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