Eternal Flame

The flame flickered. Before anyone could react, it sizzled and died. A chorus of strangled cries erupted from the congregation. The priest swayed on his heels in speechless horror.

The door creaked shut as an apologetic figure sidled in. The priest swung around. “You!”, he hissed, his eyes burning with fury.

Speak or die, Eric thought. “Don’t you see Thos himself blew out the flame? He wants to show us it is the eternal flame inside our souls that matters, not any candle or lamp. You will see, nothing bad will happen.”

Would they go for it? He’d find out.


The 100wcgu at Julia’s place: …the flame flickered before…

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8 thoughts on “Eternal Flame”

  1. A seemingly horrible moment for a congregation, a humorous moment for Eric, and a veiled indictment of irrational belief – yours is definitely a thought provoking take on the prompt.

    1. Thanks. I really thought of it as a sticky moment for Eric – do you know Terry Pratchett’s character Rincewind?

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