O, that strange English habit of naming the eras for sovereigns
– Who knows when they reigned, with reigns of irregular lengths –
Like furlongs and Fahrenheit, barrels and sea-miles and guineas,
In a trunk full of memorabilia gathering dust.

So this is the age of Elizabeth, too, not-the-virgin,
With her handbag, her hat, and her signature pair of white gloves,
Her eyes straight ahead, turned away from her family’s follies,
Remote from the world of today, maybe sovereign, but lost.

A Chesterton figure, dignified, ancient, and quaint,
Who says “Lost? …but I’m here!”
Or maybe: “Where else would I be?”

This week’s 100wcgu was to write a poem prompted by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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I like blue.

12 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

  1. This is exactly the kind of poem to which my own effort is a barefaced insult. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    I love the evocative use of the outdated measures, and the inclusion of the Queen’s signature accessories. We know so little about her that you really can sum her up with a hat, a handbag and a pair of gloves.

    And what a great observation about the random lengths of eras based on monarchs’ reigns.

    1. How very kind of you. Like you say of yourself, I’m not really a poet either, but the things we do for a challenge…
      The reigns are funny, and nobody really knows them. Victoria, perhaps, and George III (round numbers!), and of course both figuring in a lot of films, but who knows James II or Henry VII?

  2. Geez, those flowers are GORGeous. I don’t have many blue one in our neck of the woods. I swoon for blue flowers. I’m not sure if it’s because of the different shades or blue or because I don’t see many. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, I love blue myself. For hydrangeas I think that if they’re not white, it’s the soil that makes them blue (acidic) or pink (alkaline), so you can tweak them by adding things to the soil.

  3. This is such a great piece. It does encapsulate the Queen in many ways. The fact that although she may seem distant, she means so much to so many and is a part of their lives that she can’t be too far away. It is wonderful of you to join this special prompt.

    1. Thanks for reading and letting me know.
      I find the poetry challenges a tad difficult, but do end up enjoying the challenge.

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