From the Mists

Does it happen to you? You see someone, and you’re sure you know them. From school? From work? An old neighbor, maybe? This woman I saw yesterday seemed so familiar, but who was she? The whole evening I couldn’t let it go, and kept on searching in the dark recesses of my mind.

This morning I suddenly knew. Alice! The bitch who had pinched my boyfriend Thomas. Tall, elegant, charming Thomas. And married him.

Wasn’t it just last year he was sent down for bigamy and swindling all those women out of their savings? Serves her bloody well right!

A slightly late entry for the current 100WCGU: …in the dark recess of my mind…

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15 thoughts on “From the Mists”

    1. I’m afraid I’ve had it since I was 20, so I’m not sure I can blame it on age. But then I can never remember names to start with…

    1. Things in the dark recess keep popping up again though, don’t they?
      This prompt made for some dark stories, though not as many ghosts as I’d expected.

      1. That is so, and that is probably why there are so many psychologists working on understanding the cognition processes. Good luck to them (and us). 🙂

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