Too Hot?

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
But her sister’s tale, do you know that too?
A charming old lady she was and so free
Towards all and sundry with biscuits and tea.
You might call her eccentric: believe it or not
She so loved her tea that she lived in a pot.

But take foibles too far, and there’s danger about
When you see what it is, it is too late to shout.
For one day when the water was boiling and hot
She forgot to go out, so she stewed in the pot.

The prompt for this week’s 100WCGU.

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I like blue.

9 thoughts on “Too Hot?”

  1. This was brilliant. It should be in a book of poems for children.

    I read it straight after Miriam’s story, and the two work together so well it’s hard to believe you didn’t get your heads together first!

    1. I actually missed Miriam’s story in my reading round, so thanks for letting me know. I recently read Addison’s Cautionary tales, which prompted me to write a “Struwwelpeter” story myself.

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