Drawing the Line

Do you have it too? Yes, of course. Everyone does. It’s the universal experience when faced with a blank sheet of paper. Only children and fools are exempt.

The paper is white and fresh, unspoilt. So full of promise, of infinite potential. We’re afraid that our first mark will spoil it. It will ruin everything, deny the promise, wash away the potential. Once we’re working, we’ll do just fine. But that first line is terrifying.

So I sat staring at my pad. I’d already wasted all the time I reasonably could. Time to jump in.

There! The line was drawn.

Agapanthus. Ink & watercolour sketch.

This week’s 100wcgu at Julia’s place: …the line was drawn…

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I like blue.

31 thoughts on “Drawing the Line”

    1. Thanks. But we tend to compare our work with that of the masters… The comforting thing is that even they have exactly the same dread.

    1. Thank-you. I’m not sure it’s really boldness. Maybe it’s more telling that nasty little critical voice in us to go jump?

  1. and it’s beautiful! I thought of one of my first poems; it starts “the page, so clean and white…” which then goes on to tell of how to fill it when you can’t find the story that is aching to come out. For you, as an artist and a writer? Twice the clean, white pages to overcome. 🙂 Thanks for posting the words and the picture!

  2. How very kind. For me it’s stronger with painting because I want to paint (play with colours, that is) before I decide what to paint, and how… while I usually only start writing when I already know what, and usually have a first line or so. But I think it goes equally for any act of creation.

  3. Oh as I began reading I thought yes, I understand, I have bad handwriting and feel it spoils my notebooks but then I saw your artwork, just lovely!

    1. Thanks. Now I come to think of it, when I start a notebook I try to write tidily for a page or two, and then go back to scribbles and doodles too. ;-(

    1. You’re welcome, they’re lovely.
      If you use less tags, current limit is 12? (I’m not sure about categories), your posts will appear in the tag reader, and more people will see them. I suggest using maybe photography, photo, photos, flowers, orchids?

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