Ignorance is Bliss

How does the flamingo stand on one leg?

So many things are possible
just as long as you don’t know
they’re impossible.

Norton Juster

* * *

Dobedido. We’ve been freshly pressed!
Rrwoof. Woof!
Yes, Bertie. Good thing we didn’t know the odds…

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I like blue.

6 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss”

  1. This may blow your mind: what you see in the middle of the flamingo’s leg is actually his ankle. His knee is folded up under his body when he stands like this!

    1. I didn’t actually think about it, but you’re right. If you stand on your (hind) legs, I guess it’s go upright, or crouch to put the leg under the centre of gravity.
      The strange part is that he looks totally comfortable standing like that…

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