The Cartographer

He hated water. It was untidy. It moved around. You couldn’t pin it down, and that was his purpose in life. Measuring and charting, making sure everything had its proper place.

Now, continents moving or mountains rising – those were different things altogether. Those were fascinating. You could chart not only what was, but what would be!

But water was … flighty. He wished all water would evaporate off the face of the earth.

It would have incensed him to know that when his wish came true, the sun would melt his planet, leaving only foam floating on a sea of fire.

* * *

Inspired by T.Mastgrave’s story challenge: Cartography.

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I like blue.

8 thoughts on “The Cartographer”

  1. Delft, to answer the question you left on my post, a story has a clear beginning, middle, and end. It also has a clear plot. This plot may be short-lived (as in flash fiction), but it should be clear. Personally, I would call this a scene, or possibly a monologue, rather than a full story, but that’s just me.

    1. Thanks for the information. I’m fine with scene. I just enjoyed playing with the change of perspective: omniscience is fun!

      1. The perspective change is good, and fairly well done. You do have to be careful when changing perspectives that you clearly show the switch. The switch here is pretty obvious because you’re going from limited perspective to omniscient perspective, which is generally easy to catch.

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