Message in a Smile

On the way to work this morning I saw this sign. The elegant hand, the cheerful pink, the airy look and the original meaning of the word made me smile before the message hit me. What a lovely way to woo acceptance.

Then I was awestruck. This is perfect design! Simple and effective. Nothing could be subtracted without loss. Aesthetically pleasing. A message in a smile. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

And it’s not even vandalism! This is Switzerland, after all. It’s chalk!

Now, this may be a world-wide campaign that I’m the last to notice. But just in case it’s not, I want to pass it on. So if you want to campaign for tolerance: drop the 70s-rainbow-flags & buy a stick of pink sidewalk chalk today!

© K’12
I’d like to spread the word on this, so I’m happy for you reblog this post, or the image, if you accept these conditions.

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