Do you know the feeling when someone is talking to you, your skin starts to tingle, and it feels like sunlight and caresses? Not because you’re in love, but just because of the sound of the voice?

Being calm and being clear is essential to these voices, but the full magic comes from their softness: they envelop you like a light rain shower or a length of silk.

None of these voices I’ve met have become friends or more. Just as well, perhaps. After all, how could I say, “I’m not interested in you, I just love hearing you talk”?

* * *

My take on this week’s 100 word challenge for grown-ups (…being clear is essential to…) is inspired by the Daily Post’s writing challenge.

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I like blue.

10 thoughts on “Silk”

    1. The voices I mean have an effect music doesn’t match. I guess music speaks more directly to the emotions, this is more physical.

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