Where Peaceful Waters Flow

What calms you down?
Looking at something natural at a distance, ideally something blue or green: water, leaves, green grass, sky and clouds. When I do that I can instantly stop thinking. It gives me a feeling of peace, of connection, of groundedness, and then I can stop taking myself and my own little problems too seriously.

Whats your favorite fantasy sandwich?
Provided they’re vegetarian, I am partial to all kinds of sandwiches: classic cucumber, grilled cheese and tomato, on occasion even peanut-butter and jelly.

What was your nickname growing up either as a kid or now?
I tend to go by my initial “K”.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
If I were a crayon, I’d be a Jaxon 2000 ultramarine blue, which is a highly saturated deep blue, tending to purple. My absolutely favourite colour! 🙂 And the crayons are a dream…

Cee Neuner’s Share your world initiative. And, of course, Jakesprinter’s Reflection challenge.

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I like blue.

2 thoughts on “Where Peaceful Waters Flow”

  1. Like your blog!
    Groundhogs are pretty good at cooling my jets. 😉
    I like either cucumber or tomato sandwiches..mmmm…
    My nickname growing up was Scooby, not because I liked the show (which I did)but because my brothers and sisters found it easier to babysit me if I was pretending I was a dog and could be leashed.
    I would like to be multi-crayon, one of those ones with spirals so you never know what you’re going to get!

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