K ’12. Ink & watercolour sketch from Julia’s photo prompt.

She wasn’t sure what the attraction was. It had always been there: even as a girl, she’d stood for hours at the railings of a high bridge. There was some indefinable quality, a thrill she couldn’t explain.

She looked down into the depths knowing it would take just one little step, one little push. A frisson ran down her spine. Did she want to die? No. She loved life far too much.

Was it the risk? That maybe somewhere inside her there was a little rebel who just might push her over? To fly through the air, only the once?

* * *

The 100-words-challenge-for-grown-ups at Julia’s Place.
Also fits in nicely with the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary 🙂

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I like blue.

25 thoughts on “Rebel”

  1. Geez, I liked mine till I read yours. I like the fear even as she contemplates jumping, flying just the once. Great! Love the watercolor, too.

  2. I think you just made me come face to face with me. How did you get in my skin? I never know at the Grand Canyon or a dozen other places if I will maybe dare that last inch or not. Skillfully done!

  3. The rebel is a part of all of us I believe. One day we all have to jump! And we will fall into the deep blue ocean of our deepest emotions. It will be like our death. But we will rise again! In full power! Full of love!
    Thank you for the nice painting and the story

  4. Brilliant. I’ve been here, and contemplated ‘flying,’ it’s almost exactly as I feel whenever I stand close to the edge of anything… Although for me there can be a certain peace with it, too, if it’s an open space like the one in the image (hence my piece). Great watercolour too!

  5. The writing is good, but the painting is gorgeous! I love the colours, and how the greenery bleeds together. Normally I just read you via RSS but I had to come and get a screen full of this picture, it’s excellent

    1. Thank-you very kindly. I’m really glad you like it.

      I wasn’t that happy with it myself, but then in painting you never have an unbiased eye on your own results. You always see the flaws or things you wanted different, I guess.

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