Night Terrors

Carl awoke screaming, still caught in his dream. Reeducation did that to you.

With the realisation that no-one could help their actions, had come the judicial reform. Violent offenders were no longer punished, but reeducated. Today it was possible to instill the sense of empathy in someone who lacked it.

So now Carl was capable of love and empathy. By day. By night he relived his past: every blow, every stab, every cruelty he had visited on his victims. The look in their eyes.

The suicide rate among Re-eds was 60%. The rest … probably innocent.

Quicker than death row, some said.

T.Mastgrave’s challenge: Determinism vs. Free Will.

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I like blue.

6 thoughts on “Night Terrors”

  1. Although I am a translator of your may be mother-tong , it is somehow delicious to understand your exact and main “topic” you’re thinking and special kind of thought you’re gonna talking or writing about , may attach a photo in the maternal domain of internet , clarify it better for me , I’ll try my best to get the meaning.
    Homayoun From Iran.

  2. Well, I’d be curious to know why exactly the high suicide rate.
    Anyway, I see that is not your mission.
    If what you set out to do was to give wildly imaginative minds a comical view of a dark fact, then you achieved your mission.
    Bright faces at day; dark souls by night!

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