Buried Treasure

For in the true nature of things,

every green tree is far more glorious

than if it were made of gold and silver.

Martin Luther

Nora has sharp eyes, I’ll give her that. But she does tend to exaggerate.

Her daughter had come home with news of the landslide. However dangerous, landslides were also life-givers. They threw up much that was buried under the wasted surface. They had become more and more frequent, as the underground nets weaving the soil together slowly turned to dust.

Nora had always been excitable. But now she was babbling of buried treasure. A seedling! It can’t be that! Time will tell…

Tears filled Neesha’s eyes as she remembered what had once covered so much of the ravaged planet.


* * *

This week’s 100 word challenge at Julia’ place: …it can’t be that time…

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22 thoughts on “Buried Treasure”

  1. Such a sad story of an all too possible future, if we keep going as we are. Beautifully written start to finish, and it though it feels full as flash fiction, it could be the start of a much longer story.

  2. Creative use of the prompt, and an interesting glimpse into an apocalyptic future. I wonder why some of us (myself included) are drawn to such tales? Maybe it^s the idea of a chance to wipe the slate clean and restart with new appreciation of the value of life.

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure about wiping the slate clean, but if we could truly appreciate the value of life that would change quite a few things in my opinion. For a better future than may be in store for us, the way things are going now.

  3. What dread of potential future.. Very well written, and I love the sentense: They had become more and more frequent, as the underground nets weaving the soil together slowly turned to dust


    1. Thank-you. I was actually thinking of the roots that keep the soil rooted on the hill-sides. When the plants go, the land-slides start.

  4. Very poignant and a little too close to the truth to be comfortable. What are we doing to our beautiful world?

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