Blowing in the Wind

I once read that when you’re depressed, you find it hard to make small decisions. I guess that means I’m not depressed. Pizza or pasta, the green shirt or the blue one – not a problem.

But I’ve got this offer to work in Hong-Kong. It sounds great, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But it’s a three year contract. What if I hate it there? What it I don’t find a new job when I come back? Either way, whatever I decide could ruin my whole life, and I’ll always regret it. What do I do?

Maybe I’ll wait. Just a bit.

* * *

T. Mastgrave’s story challenge: Fear of Life.
And a slightly different take on the Travel Theme Challenge: Couples.

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I like blue.

10 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind”

    1. Good question, I didn’t really think about that aspect of the story. Perhaps just the fact of quitting, the tinge of failure would be enough to make my hero/heroine worry about it. If you’re afraid of making a decision, maybe it’s not really the possible consequences that are the issue, but the taking charge?

      1. Point noted. Taking charge can be that one makes a bad decision, and rectifies it later by stopping cold, and moving in another direction. Some may call that quitting, while others see it as an act of courage.

  1. Nice! I like this one a lot. This definitely bring across the fear of living, but it also brings across some excitement. Not too much, just enough to accentuate the fear I think.

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