Follow Your Heart

Ben had followed his heart. The heart he had lost to Jessica, the dreamer.

He had heard tales of the city since childhood. He had never realised how big the city was, how impersonal. People moved around in rivers, pouring out of metro-stations and down streets. And they lived in big concrete blocks, grey and dreary, like this one.

It had been stupid to come. How could he ever hope to find her? He had trailed around for days now, and hadn’t seen a sign of her.

Suddenly he saw it and smiled. He had found her. He was sure.

* * *

Julia’s 100-word-challenge: the significance of an orange spot.

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I like blue.

14 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart”

    1. Yes. After reading all the heart-breaking trees-being-cut-down (or other horrible things happening) stories, I’m so glad I went for an upbeat interpretation myself. 🙂

  1. Wonderful story – not just because he locates her, but it’s so hopeful that she turns out to be the kind of person who insists on bringing a little color and life to a drab gray place.

  2. Sweet as molasses. Unless…. has he really found her? This could actually turn in to something scary, like the witch luring the children in with her gingerbread house! XD Sorry, just my twisted mind rambling on 🙂

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