The sea always filled her with longing,

though for what she was never sure.

Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

Doubling up for the Travel Theme: Liquid, and the Sunday Post Challenge: Natural Resources.

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I like blue.

11 thoughts on “Longing”

    1. Thanks. I enjoy your photos, and your challenges.
      I’m afraid I don’t see all the contributions, as I find it a bit tedious to click through link-lists: I wonder whether you could suggest people add a particular tag to their posts – that makes it so much easier for us lazy people :-).
      Personally, I use “Weekly Photo Challenge” for all the challenges (with spaces to avoid the “official” daily post challenge tag).

      1. You done a great work for this one my friend , No big deal in tagging as long you open their blog and click the like box or leave a comment they
        will open our blog too and do the same to us if not you will gain a i point in stats lol ,:)

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