A Bit of Peace

Robbie sat down on a log and let out a sigh, Rufus flopped down beside him. The two had scampered up the hill and dashed into the woods, now both needed to catch their breath.

Robbie thought it was unfair. He was sure he tried to be good. OK, so he probably shouldn’t have tried to drape the neighbour’s tabby on his snowman – though it made a great fur scarf. He was sick of being lectured, especially when the lecture involved innocent animals.

If animals are innocent, why aren’t I? Rufus looked up at him, thumping his tail, and woofed.

* * *

Today’s philosophical story challenge: Is man innately good or evil?

And the Sunday Post Challenge: Peaceful.

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4 thoughts on “A Bit of Peace”

  1. This is good, and we’ve finally found something that I think we might agree on, at least from the tone of your piece. I have to say that I like the dog, it makes a nice ending. This, I’m certain, was my fault as a reader, but for some reason I though Robbie and Rufus were the same person, and that the boy had suddenly turned into a dog. After reading it again this clearly wasn’t the case, but I thought it was rather humorous.

    1. I was in two minds about the dog, as I wasn’t sure what he really contributes to the story. Perhaps their friendship shows the boy isn’t generally cruel to animals. But somehow I liked Rufus and decided to leave him in.
      I’m glad he struck a chord with you too. 🙂

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