Light and Shadow


In just a few days my blogging 366 will be completed. It’s had unexpected benefits like discovering fascinating blogs, taking lots of photos, and starting to write stories again.

I’ve enjoyed the experience. Licking posts into shape and getting feedback – I confess I am childishly pleased with “likes”. Getting friendly comments,  being passed the odd award, and being freshly pressed were also nice. The blog has meandered along, changing direction a few times – a reader was kind enough to call it “eclectic, but focused”. It was fun going down the road to see where it led.

At the same time the “postaday” pressure rather discouraged me from drawing and painting, and made them less fun as I was aiming for a publishable result. I also got sidetracked from writing down my thoughts, e.g. as Heresies, which was really my goal in starting the blog. And I caught the online bug (a little bit), spending more time online than I would like, and started to feel the restlessness when “you haven’t checked” for a while. This means I paid less attention to the real world, the people around me, and things I want to do.

So for now I’ll cut down the blog schedule and my time online. Try to drop the pressure, but keep the joys. And see where that leads me…

If you have a blog: does it feel the same for you? Or is your experience different?

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12 thoughts on “Light and Shadow”

  1. As I said on another photog blog, I love shadow pics, also reflection pics and sunlight through trees. I’ve enjoyed your posts.
    I think what you are saying about your experience of posting 366 consecutive days is exactly the reason why I’ve not chosen to participate in the post a day or any other blog “challenges”. I already spend a lot of time writing, editing and surfing, not only other blogs, but also thousands of my own photos. The real world beckons and here I sit, clicking. Best of luck with that restlessness. I wish sometimes there weren’t so many devices to “check” what’s happening.

    1. Those are some of my own favourites too.
      Good choice on your part. I am glad I did it: I never really thought I’d stay the course. At the same time I’m not in a hurry to repeat the experience.
      I’m hoping that minus the pressure, the restlessness will die down. And it’s actually an experience as so many people have it nowadays and I could never understand it.

  2. Really enjoyed your posts on Heresies. Challenging thinking. Thank you. Also, enjoy your blog – sad you’re cutting down, but I know what you mean.

  3. I love your photographs. Today’s is spectacular – and I’ve really enjoyed your Silent Sundays. More than once you’ve had me laughing out loud, as with Round Robin (which was hilarious, a real delight). But yes, I absolutely know what you mean about the restlessness, and I’ve suffered from that as well, even though I’ve never tried to post even once a week, let alone daily. Phew! Congratulations on the achievement! I shall look forward to where you go from here – and thank you, too, for the thoughtful and interesting comments you’ve left on my posts from time to time.

    1. I see so many spectacular photographs on WP that I sometimes feel diffident about posting my own, so I really love it when someone appreciates them. Thank-you!

  4. Love this picture as well of all previous ones.
    I know exactly what you mean. At times the stress feels like it can strangle you…or me actually. Lots of pressure to keep up. Glad to hear you’re not going away totally.

    1. It does feel like pressure, even if it’s entirely self-inflicted. A sort of bloody-mindedness, really, that makes us hang on by the skin of our teeth.
      I really appreciate your taking the time to comment so often, and so kindly. Heartfelt thanks!

  5. I know how you feel. My 2012 photographic journal got stressful some days and when I finished my 366, I had no intention of carrying on, but so far I have taken one every day so although I have not posted them on my blog I do upload to Flickr. If I do miss a day, it wont seem so bad. I love the online community. You ‘meet’ such lovely supportive folk!

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