Dizzying Heights

I inched forward, holding my breath. Don’t look, don’t look. My eyes flickered downward, and I gave a little lurch. I was falling.

Get a grip! a little voice inside me growled. People are staring! I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Everything’s fine, the voice breathed.

After a while the idiocy struck me of standing by one of the most spectacular sights of the world – with my eyes screwed shut. Come on, the little voice coaxed. With an effort I opened my eyes: first one, then the other. I looked at the cliffs opposite. Breathtaking.

Suddenly I was soaring.

This week’s wcgu prompt. Photo by Julia.

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I like blue.

14 thoughts on “Dizzying Heights”

  1. OMG, you did it…
    Aware of this place, and fascinated by it, I have still passed by several times now in my peregrinations, knowing that when I got there I would have this same struggle. Kudos!

    1. I only wish I had. This is just a story, in response to Julia’s 100wcgu prompt, the Grand Canyon photo.
      If I ever go there, I shall certainly do my best!

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