Human beings,
who are almost unique
in having the ability to learn from the experience of others,
are also remarkable
for their apparent disinclination to do so.

– Douglas Adams

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique.

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I like blue.

22 thoughts on “Unique”

  1. This is a beautiful close-up … I took a photo of a similar flower today ;). As for the quote … I think we can only learn from our own experience…

    1. Maybe you’re right. Though it’s a bit discouraging to think so.
      Come to think of it, even learning from our own mistakes isn’t so easy…

      1. Exactly my point … and we tend to repeat them … I did not mean to burst your bubble though or to undermine the validity of the quote, but it would be too good to be true … life is about learning the hard way … My best to you Delft, and thank you for your reply to my comment.

        1. No bubbles burst 🙂
          But perhaps we can salvage a little bit, even if it’s only learning that others make mistakes too, it’s not just us…
          Thanks for your thoughts.

        2. I’m afraid I don’t know Croatia at all. Isn’t it a good place to be?
          I’m in Zurich, and it’s snowing. Beautiful, but slippery.

        3. 🙂 I only know the Zurich airport, but I loved Geneve and Bern even more :). No, C. is not a good place to be or to vegetate….

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