A Fresh Start

When he woke up, his mind was a blank.

He would learn later that he was in a hospital and an accident with the wiring had erased his memory. In the beginning the doctors were hopeful his memory would return, but in the meantime he needed to start from scratch.

He was a quick learner. Walking, eating with a knife and fork, and brushing his teeth were a breeze. He loved mathematical puzzles, and once he had mastered  “See Spot run”, he quickly became an avid reader.

When the doctors pronounced him as good as new, he went home to his family and his job. He did his best to settle in, to do the things he was told to do. But as often as not, he didn’t see the point. He hated the noise, and was puzzled by the empty conversations.

One day he took a boat, and sailed for the horizon.

Nobody had told him he couldn’t.

* * *

T.Mastgrave’s philosophical story challenge: Do our memories make us who we are?

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6 thoughts on “A Fresh Start”

  1. Good post, Delft! I actually lean more towards Joss Wheadon’s answer to the question in ‘Dollhouse’, but this is interesting and very clear! I like the effect your last line creates.

    1. I did think of the ending first, and wrote backwards, so to speak. I’m not sure how much of our “core personality” lies in memories, and I didn’t answer that. But I certainly think a lot of what keeps us in line or holds us back does.
      Dollhouse sounds interesting, will take a look.

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