Manipulation, sloganizing,
depositing, regimentation, and prescription
cannot be components of revolutionary praxis,
precisely because they are the components
of the praxis of domination.

— Paulo Freire

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I like blue.

7 thoughts on “Domination”

    1. Maybe I didn’t catch it too well, it’s really a little intimidating. Partly the facelessness, perhaps?
      But I do like the idea that in order to rid yourself of domination, you have to abandon the tools of domination. Else you’re just changing the masters, not the system.

      1. The word ‘intimidating’ hovered in the back of my mind–a word I couldn’t quite latch onto–to describe this building. You caught this well, it was I who slipped up. It’s all those empty windows that had me searching for intimidating–like eyes, judging with a certain coldness. I hope I’m on track…

        1. I wasn’t sure how much is really there to see, and how much is in the mind’s eye. It’s the Forum of Federal Justice (whatever that means) so “judging” is absolutely spot on! 🙂

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