Morning Line-up

Morning is wonderful.
Its only drawback
is that it comes at such an
inconvenient time of day.

― Glen Cook

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I like blue.

5 thoughts on “Morning Line-up”

  1. Ha ha. Inconvenient, I’ll say, especially when it’s a cold and e.a.r.l.y. morning instead of just early. 🙂 Did you notice some of the gull have turned their backs on the wonderful view?

    1. Mornings would be so much nicer, if they only came a little later… 🙂
      And yes, the gulls don’t seem too impressed with the view.

  2. Superbe photo! J’aime beaucoup les mouettes et je les trouve drôles. Parfois, elles sont collées les unes contre les autres 😉
    Bon samedi.

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