Silent Sunday


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I like blue.

6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday”

  1. Such a strong structural plant, i think more in architectural terms when I see it’s pleasing lines – great shot. Interesting to see it tagged as a Brazilian flower, as we’re familiar with it here as one of our indigenous species. We celebrate the latest hybrid, a gorgeous yellow which is named for our beloved Nelson Mandela 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a gorgeous flower, isn’t it!
      It’s tagged Brazil as that’s where took the photo: I think the plant may actually come from South Africa. Of course in Europe we only have it as a cut flower…

    1. Yes, I love these flowers, and this was the first time I’d seen them grow out in the open. It’s a Strelitzia reginae, and bird of paradise is one of it’s common names – it does look like a bird with brilliant plumage!

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