Heresy Summary

Some of my thoughts run counter to accepted wisdom. Even to things we are strongly indoctrinated to believe.  This does not mean they are new: there is nothing new under the sun.

What Is Truth?
98% of reality is simply what we choose to believe. 
Reality Is Bunk: Some things are more real than others.
Homo Narrans: Reality is (mostly) a story we tell ourselves.
Our Tangled Web: That story is not very consistent.
To Be Or Not To Be: What does it mean to say something exists.
This is a warm-up heresy, groundwork for the heresies to come…

Good & Evil
Everyone is always doing their best.
The Fundamental Heresy: The myth of Good & Evil.
Why God Invented Free Will: The myth of Free Will.
Thought Experiment: What makes you angry is (not) what you think.
Voices in My Head: The myth of consistency.
Responsibility vs. Blame: Everyone is always doing their best.
Good Samaritans: What is a good person?

Embracing Fear: “Don’t worry” is bad advice.
Why Hate Hurts: How we punish ourselves.
Why I Feel What You Feel: What makes us truly human.

Red Mary: Why we don’t need qualia.
When Your Laptop Crashes Does It Suffer? Why functions don’t explain consciousness.

Self Construction: The myth of self.