Shit People Say…

Video by Franchesca Ramsey. Found via microaggressions.

I think a lot of discrimination today is unintentional, unthinking. I really like this video, because it shows up how things sound to the black girl, without blaming. Also check out the analysis. And Lesbian, 2, Arab, AsianDesi, Latino girls and Jews.

Oh, and some shit people say … to lefties:

  • It looks so funny how you write.
  • Just hold it like this.
  • Can’t you tell your right from your left?
  • I wish I were left-handed, left-handed people are just so creative.


If you have food in the fridge...

Found via mylifeinbits. The quote has been going around for a while, e.g. quoted in  Small World (from The Mirror, 16 February 2001). Don’t know who makes the posters.

Hello World!

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out what I really think, how I see the world etc. I’d like to get some thoughts down in B&W. I’ll start by writing down individual thoughts and if only I do it for long enough, it’ll all come out in the wash. And as I’m really bad at doing things regularly, I thought I’d try blogging. Maybe the big date on the post will be an incentive to keep at it?

I’m not too sure about the whole internet thing. It’s fantastic that you can find all sorts of information, and can read what other people are doing. At the same time, reading the exchanges on blogs, FB, youtube etc., does make you wonder.

It’s a bit like talking to yourself in public, but anyway: here goes.