On Earth, but Not Quite

There’s something about the water –

that solitary kind of peaceful feeling.

You’re on Earth,

but not quite.

John C. Reilly

As a water lover, I just couldn’t resist this quote.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


A true friend
knows your weaknesses
but shows you your strengths;
sees your anxieties
but frees your spirit.

William Arthur Ward

Ignorance is Bliss

How does the flamingo stand on one leg?

So many things are possible
just as long as you don’t know
they’re impossible.

Norton Juster

* * *

Dobedido. We’ve been freshly pressed!
Rrwoof. Woof!
Yes, Bertie. Good thing we didn’t know the odds…

Snail’s Pace

Upon a pane a snail did wander
The airy, lofty view to ponder
And after quite a lengthy stay
It went sedately on its way.

In philosophy,
if you aren’t moving at a snail’s pace
you aren’t moving at all.

Iris Murdoch

The Only Way Is Up

There is no salvation
in becoming adapted
to a world which is crazy.

Henry Miller