Next to Godliness?

Guess what’s wrong with this picture? No, it’s not Bertie. Try again.

Nighthawks. 1942 Hopper. AIC.
Ever seen a street this clean?

If a cluttered desk
is the sign of a cluttered mind,
what is the significance
of a clean desk?

Laurence J. Peter

Monet Unleashed?

Rocks whizzing by

Seen out of focus, Monet seems to have quite a new style.

Rocks standing still


Frank Lloyd Wright

In the right light,
at the right time,
everything is extraordinary.

Aaron Rose

Paris in the rain

Dreary day. Bertie’s nipped off to Paris, but the weather’s no better there…

Just in the rain...

A Grand Day Out

Paris in the sunshine.

And another sandwich gone missing!

Van Gogh’s Best Bed

Bertie and I went to the Art Institute Chicago today. A breathtaking collection of art. The AIC must have had incredibly rich patrons to acquire a whole roomful of Monets,  alongside Gauguins, Picassos, Miros,  – and I didn’t even go to see the old masters. My only quibble is that some American artists like Hopper and Pollock are underrepresented.

Bertie loves Van Gogh.

You can see Bertie felt quite at home.