Not Stupid

Look who's coming along!

I packed for a trip last night, and see what happened. Dogs know what’s up when you start packing a suitcase.

Heat of the Moment

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Laundry day. It was so freezing cold outside and in parts of the house that while I was folding I wrapped myself in a towel straight from the dryer. Deliciously warm. Isn’t that the place to curl up?

Scepticism in the Nursery

Wise owl
Is the owl really wise?

From my childhood I remember “The animal fair” by Alice and Martin Provensen. Beautiful illustrations,  cute stories and rhymes. One my favourites questioned stereotypes.

“…And though the owl is known as wise,

he’s never won a spelling prize.”

So who really knows? Bertie doesn’t.


Which Witch?

Witch with flaming cat
Another rare sight: a flying witch

How do I know it’s a witch?

See the flaming cat on the broomstick? Only witches have cats like that. Bertie could have told you that. Speaking of which. Why do curled up dogs and cats always look so cozy and warm?

Bertie cozy
Makes you want to curl up yourself, doesn’t it?

Just can’t bring myself to close the flame painter.

Mating Flight of the Phoenix

Bertie the blog-dog , abstract in Flame
Bertie the blog-dog as abstract art.

Lazy sunday. I spent all day playing with my new app, the Flame painter. Wow. This is art. Not the results, but the pure joy of playing with colours. I encourage everyone to try the free online version. Peter Blaškovič other simulations are also worth a look.

Flame - Rose
A splash of spring.
Flame 1
Just playing with lines.

Mating flight of the phoenix

Rare sight: the mating flight of the phoenix.

The male circles, showing off his magnificent fire-tail to impress the female above. If she descends, he’s in with a chance. Rarely seen, phoenixes in mating plumage are thought to bring luck, and the male display seen from below is probably the origin of the “angel” myth and shape.

Bertie in the Morning

Bertie the blog-dog streches

Bertie and me, we like to sleep in. But we need to go buy some dog-food, before the shops close. And a blog-dog gets hungry…

Thank God it’s Friday


What a week! Being a blog-dog is exhausting.

Introducing Bertie

Bertie the blog-dog

Bertie has joined me to liven things up a bit. He’s not too happy with the likeness. Drawing on a trackpad’s not that easy: I think I need a drawing tablet…