Light and Shadow


In just a few days my blogging 366 will be completed. It’s had unexpected benefits like discovering fascinating blogs, taking lots of photos, and starting to write stories again.

I’ve enjoyed the experience. Licking posts into shape and getting feedback – I confess I am childishly pleased with “likes”. Getting friendly comments,  being passed the odd award, and being freshly pressed were also nice. The blog has meandered along, changing direction a few times – a reader was kind enough to call it “eclectic, but focused”. It was fun going down the road to see where it led.

At the same time the “postaday” pressure rather discouraged me from drawing and painting, and made them less fun as I was aiming for a publishable result. I also got sidetracked from writing down my thoughts, e.g. as Heresies, which was really my goal in starting the blog. And I caught the online bug (a little bit), spending more time online than I would like, and started to feel the restlessness when “you haven’t checked” for a while. This means I paid less attention to the real world, the people around me, and things I want to do.

So for now I’ll cut down the blog schedule and my time online. Try to drop the pressure, but keep the joys. And see where that leads me…

If you have a blog: does it feel the same for you? Or is your experience different?


It was boredom, really, that made him start a blog, with no idea of what to post.  He began reading blogs for inspiration. He tried different things, but nothing really captured his interest. Until he came across the challenges, that is.

Suddenly the blogging fever gripped him. He lavished more and more time and effort on his entries. And one day he found it: the ultimate challenge. A dozen Herculean tasks of rising difficulty. The first three went beautifully. The next two were more tricky. He wrestled with six, and barely made it.

Would seven prove to be too much?

* * *

The 100 word challenge for grown-ups at Julia’s Place: the prompt is my last line.