Message in a Smile

On the way to work this morning I saw this sign. The elegant hand, the cheerful pink, the airy look and the original meaning of the word made me smile before the message hit me. What a lovely way to woo acceptance.

Then I was awestruck. This is perfect design! Simple and effective. Nothing could be subtracted without loss. Aesthetically pleasing. A message in a smile. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

And it’s not even vandalism! This is Switzerland, after all. It’s chalk!

Now, this may be a world-wide campaign that I’m the last to notice. But just in case it’s not, I want to pass it on. So if you want to campaign for tolerance: drop the 70s-rainbow-flags & buy a stick of pink sidewalk chalk today!

© K’12
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Alien Art

Heritage by Ali Omar Ermes

I just came across the works of the contemporary Muslim artist Ali Omar Ermes. Due to the Muslim prohibition of portraying sentient beings much of Arabic art is based on ornaments and calligraphy. Ermes often creates illustrations to famous poems, this one by Abu Al-Ataahiah, saying “that which really belongs to you is what you are able to spend on good causes, not what you consume and liquidate or leave behind”.

We can appreciate the sentiment, as we can admire the sinuous elegance of line, and the use of colour. It also reminds me of my childhood, and gives me a vaguely “homey” feel. But we shouldn’t believe that we can appreciate it.

What the image conveys to the artist, and to those from a similar context is a totally different matter. Is the poem focused on acceptance, or on religious fervour? Does the colour combination suggest life and happiness, or death and destruction? Is the whole work shockingly modern and disrespectful? Or reassuringly main-stream, a little trite, perhaps?

We don’t know. Today all the world is only a click away, but until we actually learn more about it, most of it remains alien to us. Even when we like it.

B is for Bertie who sleeps on the bed.

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