Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl 1

The meeting of two personalities

is like the contact of two chemical substances:

if there is any reaction,

both are transformed.

― Carl Jung

Boy Meets GirlTwo different crops of the same image. I find the first more interesting, the second more intimate, but maybe a shade … clichéd? What do you think?

Where Waters Smoothest Run


Where waters smoothest run,

there deepest are the fords,

The dial stirs, yet none perceives it move;

The firmest faith is found in fewest words,

The turtles do not sing, and yet they love.

Edward Dyer

A Silent Love.

Labour of Love

Is it absurd to love someone you’ve never met? He sometimes wondered. But he felt he knew her well, even intimately, better than he knew anyone else. He couldn’t help but love her: she was fascinating, mysterious, and lovely. Or so he pictured her.

Her life was a glorious trail. His life was dedicated to following that trail and laying it bare for all to see. This was all he had ever wanted to do.

Sometimes he mourned the fact that they would never meet, she could never thank him for all he was doing.

The beauty has come.


Unrequited? Never. Who could resist those eyes?

Tobias Mastgrave’s story-challenge. This week’s prompt: Unrequited Love.