Holding On

Funny how we can’t hold on to time,
even when it’s strapped to our wrists.

― Emily Murdoch

Beauty Has Its Price

The heat! Hunting for rare plants was one thing. Doing it in tropical temperatures was quite another. He was simply melting!

He wasn’t even sure they’d understood the directions properly. School Portuguese only went so far in the Brazilian interior. And had that man really understood what they were looking for? Or had he just taken pity on their hopeful expressions? Brazilians wanted to help! Whether or not they understood you…

Whatever Steph said: there was the river, he  was taking a dip. He stripped quickly, before she was close enough to protest.

Gerald clearly hadn’t understood the warning.


The 100 word challenge for grown-ups, at Julia’s Place: Heat.

Photos taken in the Jardim Botânico of São Paulo. Orchids, I think. If you know what kind, please let me know. Thanks!

Update: scary but gorgeous topical photo in National Geographic!



True nostalgia

is an ephemeral composition

of disjointed memories.

Florence King

I found these growing on the banks of a small stream. I’m not sure, but I imagine they are some kind of orchid?


The best part of beauty
is that which no picture
can express.



The rest is silence.

Jake’s challenge.