The Scent of Success

A meeting with the client in 10 minutes. The prototypes were all in place, waiting. An empire style bottle in cream porcelain: Intimacy. Mmm. A yellow monstrosity with enormous writing on it: Honey. Whoever had passed that for the client to see? A clear glass bottle shaped like an apple with a picture of Eve on it: Desire. Not much better. A bottle with an octagonal base and a green and grey fern pattern: Secrets. Not bad.  A simple blue glass cylinder with a dandelion seed-head: Liberty.  She liked it.

Good name for a perfume. Marketable. Didn’t we all want it?

This week’s 100wcgu at Julia’s place: Liberty, Empire, Apple, Yellow, Enormous. I actually dreamt of this challenge. Unfortunately, in my dream the words were different, “emerald” being one.