Be Kind to Trees?

Down my street it seems there’s a tree lover.

This winter’s fashion for deciduous trees?

I don’t know whether it’s as cozy as more traditional winter gear; it’s certainly more fun.

Bertie’s not quite sure what to make of it.

Flying Home

On our way back home.

Bertie's made sure his address is clearly marked on the case.

Shooting in Chicago

Bertie likes the bean.

Chicago, well, the  unique bits of Chicago, are nearly impossible to photograph. The magnificent mile is truly amazing, in a way photos don’t really capture. Chicago’s people have found a way around it: the Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean”. It’s an incredible piece of sculpture that is not only lovely as an object, like all great art it makes you really look, and lets you see the world around you in a new light.

To make it short, I think the best way to photograph Chicago is: in reflections.

P.S. I admit I’m strictly a point and shoot photographer. If you’ve made a great shot of Chicago, post a link.

Blown Away

Windy city
They don't call it windy city for nothing.

A Room with a View

Overlooking Lake Michigan.

Bertie at the window.
Bertie loves the view.
Bertie still at the window.
He kept his nose glued to the window all night.
Bertie on the window sill.
Finally asleep in the sun.

Getting a Life

After a while in cyberspace, Bertie realised he didn’t want to become one of those people who spend all their time online. He decided he needed to get out and see people. Here I caught him on a meeting blackboard.

Bertie illustrating a point
Bertie shines a light on the issue.