The Veil

Art: the reproduction of

what the senses perceive in nature

through the veil of the mist.

Edgar Allan Poe

When I was young I thought a lot about life, truth, what is right, and what is good. I was confident that, with time, I would know more. Now my eyesight is fading, and it seems that the answers are further away than ever. Indeed, I’m no longer sure these questions have an answer at all.

As if reality is receding into the mists, leaving more and more grey areas. I wonder whether you become less and less sure of your ground, until you are swallowed by the mists of uncertainty?

Is that why they mean by “behind the veil”?

* * *

The 100-wcgu at Julia’s Place: Grey.


The sky is the daily bread

of the eyes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Il y a un spectacle plus grand que la mer,

c’est le ciel;

il y a un spectacle plus grand que le ciel,

c’est l’intérieur de l’âme.


There is one spectacle grander than the sea,

that is the sky;

there is one spectacle grander than the sky,

that is the interior of the soul.

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

The Beauty of Gray

This is not a black and white world
To be alive
I say the colors must swirl
And I believe
That maybe today
We will all get to appreciate
The beauty of gray

– Ed Kowalczyk

Autumn has suddenly set in with a vengeance, and the hills have disappeared in swirly clouds of fog. Jakesprinter‘s challenge: Autumn.

Just Checking

Hard to believe most of the world is suffering from drought, while I’m starting to take pictures of any gap in the clouds, just to make sure the blue stuff and the burning ball are still up there. For reference, the second photo is currently a “fine” moment.

The sun is always shining
above the clouds.


N.b. Even with a point and shoot you can screw up if you set your mind to it.
Try setting it to “flower” and aiming at the sky.

From the Mists

Does it happen to you? You see someone, and you’re sure you know them. From school? From work? An old neighbor, maybe? This woman I saw yesterday seemed so familiar, but who was she? The whole evening I couldn’t let it go, and kept on searching in the dark recesses of my mind.

This morning I suddenly knew. Alice! The bitch who had pinched my boyfriend Thomas. Tall, elegant, charming Thomas. And married him.

Wasn’t it just last year he was sent down for bigamy and swindling all those women out of their savings? Serves her bloody well right!

A slightly late entry for the current 100WCGU: …in the dark recess of my mind…