Moving House

When I started this blog, I called it “stray” thoughts, and I wrote “I am a dog person”. At the same time I never realised I would soon be joined by a canine collaborator. Then one day  I was doodling in a meeting, and there was Bertie. After hanging out for a week, he decided to stick around, and started begging for a proper home. With his name on it. Melting doggie eyes, irresistible.

“Bertie” was taken, so here we are.

Bertie is ready to roll.
Bertie is all packed.

For anyone who’s dropped in: Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

I am really busy at the moment, so have only taken a quick peek at what you are doing.  It is a little intimidating to see the art work some people are producing here, and I’ll certainly be going back to enjoy  at leisure. E.g.

Hope to see you at the new site.

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