The Colour of Life

When they caught him they’d shut him away.

He’d been sitting next to his latest victim spattered head to foot. Lost in thought. His fingers idly drawing patterns in a pool of blood.  Almost playing with it. The knife tossed carelessly aside.

They thought he was crazy, He could see the pity in their eyes, once you looked past the horror and disgust.

They just didn’t understand: he only did for the colour. That colour of colours. The colour of rubies. The colour of life. And fresh blood.

What a pity it dried to such an ugly rust brown.

The colour of life.

The 40th edition of the 100wcgu: Ruby.

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I like blue.

20 thoughts on “The Colour of Life”

    1. Yes, it is rather ghoulish, especially for me. It was simply the first image that came to my mind for “ruby”.

    1. Thanks. I agree mad people are fascinating, especially when we can see a kind of logic behind their actions: that seems to attract and repel us at the same time.

  1. Dark, I like it. And this is only the ‘latest’ victim, I wonder if he has chosen to be caught?

  2. Now having posted a photo of dying tulips which do go dark brown & could almost see this about flowers. However, the pool of blood at the beginning & being locked up gives me the feeling that it isn’t about flowers!

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