She closed her eyes and listened to the steady rhythm of the rain against the windowpane.

It rained on and on, until the rain tuned the road into a river. It grew deeper and broader, until the sun burst through. Now there were boats sailing on the river, with brightly coloured sails.

She was on holiday in France, going down the Loire and visiting the Chateaux. There was a son-et-lumières display, with fireworks lighting up the sky.

She woke with a start and realised the storm had blown kitchen window open. She really needed to get that latch fixed. Tomorrow.

My contribution to this week’s 100wcgu: …the rain turned the road into a river…

Rain studies inspired by Bob Davies’ tutorial. And yes, blue is my favourite colour. How did you guess?

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I like blue.

16 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. You took me into the dream with out my awareness, just as one falls asleep on the couch during the storm and floats into that reality. nicely done! 🙂

  2. This was great, and I loved your paintings. The punchline was really well done, I had to go back and reread – it was so subtle how she feel asleep, and of course, the rain can have such a lulling effect.

  3. Thanks for calling in on my site.

    As I was reading, I was thinking how much like gorgeous coloured glass those pictures were, when, guess what….a window had blown open. 🙂

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