Unrepentant Amateur

Dancing shoes.

Amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,
masters worry about light,
I just take pictures…

– Vernon Trent

In a recent blog post an art student was sneering at mediocre watercolours and flower close-ups posted by amateur “photographers” (sic!). I’m guilty of both, and particularly felt the gratuitous insult of the inverted commas.

Like most amateurs I don’t think highly of my efforts, and am often awed when I see someone else’s. But I am – even childishly – pleased when I succeed in capturing, if only partially, something I see in nature or my mind’s eye. I enjoy sharing that vision.

I also love looking at other people’s efforts. Often I can sense the energy and joy in some quite inexpert ones, or feel pleasure at someone else’s success, sometimes with a twinge of “Ooh, I wish I could do that!” And I believe that anything consciously produced as “Art with a capital A”, or in an effort to showcase one’s talent, creativity or skill, will be strained and somehow lacking.

So I will continue to enjoy creating and sharing mediocre watercolours, snaps of pretty flowers and little stories.

– The unrepentant amateur

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I like blue.

18 thoughts on “Unrepentant Amateur”

    1. Your pics are always great, especially when you’re in them, you’re just so cute! Bertie & I love your blog.
      Wrrooof, rrrroof!

  1. I love this post. aren’t most of us bloggers amateurs? But find inspiration on other blogs. I enjoy reading your quotes and thoughts. I will RSS your blog so I can follow you

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