A Good Morning


Some people go to endless trouble preparing for a job interview. I say, get there early, and take a quick look round. It’s what I did this morning. I went inside and quickly looked over the instruments to see how they worked. When I put them away, I thought I could field any questions likely to come up. Now for a cup of tea and a nice chat.

What a total waste of a perfectly good morning! I didn’t even get the job. Next time, I’m not applying as a neuro-surgeon. I think I’m better suited for a managerial position…

* * *

This week’s 100-word-challenge at Julia’s Place: …they worked when I put them away…

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10 thoughts on “A Good Morning”

  1. That’s the way to go, self confidence can get you anywhere. BTW.. Please tell which hospital you intend to work at… I might want to switch. 🙂

  2. That was really clever to split the prompt up like that. Your cocky interviewee made me laugh – I think I may have interviewed him a few years ago. He didn’t get my job either!

  3. I like the break up of the prompt and a completely different take. Thank God they didn’t get the job….

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