Peace cannot be achieved through violence,
it can only be attained through understanding.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I like blue.

7 thoughts on “Through”

    1. It is really hard. I know it. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I am always able to act on it.
      I never thought of stained glass, but it does a bit.

  1. and compassion. Lovely photo.
    Following up on a reply to left at Bongo’s blog: I’m running a series called “Engage” – how do I tag it like you did for Bongo’s blog with “fiction”? Thank you!

    1. Thanks.
      On your edit page – i.e. where you create the post, or change it by clicking “edit” on a published one – there is a box called “Tags”. I have set the display of the page to two columns, and then this is under “Categories”, “Format”, and “Publish” on the right side. If you don’t see it, pull down the little triangle “Screen options” in the upper right hand corner of your edit screen, and see if “Tags” are selected – else they don’t show on that screen.
      You can add any tag-words you like, but people only see them in the topic reader if they write precisely what you wrote in the “enter a topic” box – same spelling etc, so it’s a good idea to look at the topic stream for tags you think of choosing, to see how popular they are. Also any post with more than 12 tags is excluded from the topic reader.

  2. Thank youStray thoughts for your quote!
    Would you please get a Twitter and tweet these so I can just re-tweet?
    I copied the quote, pasted it in my Twitter feed. I know Emerson belongs to all of us, but you sorted and put it here for me it’s hard to credit you in a tweet.
    I would feel better to just let you be credited for your work by clicking one button….Tweeeeeeet!
    Let me know so I can be the first to follow you!

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